Once the design process is complete, we take on the role of swimming pool specialist ensuring the project is built to the exact vision of the original design concept. At the same time maintaining relentless attention to detail and the constant pursuit of the latest innovations and technology.

Our team consist of expert engineers and skilled technicians that specialized in the installing swimming-pool, Spa and water treatment system and equipment. All projects are managed by our trained staff who’s goal is to manage timeframes, quality and most of all the clients expectations.


Electromechanical Design of swimming pools and spa Based on International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) in Jordan and aboard.

propose the swimming pool and spa designs based on our experience taking into consideration each client’s taste and lifestyle.

Piping and equipment layout for water supply and drain networks.
Electrical data and structural weights of equipment.
Equipment selection.
Recommendations to enhance the design based on our expert point of view.


The engineering team at WATER REFLECTION is eager to provide clients with our Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi. Through assiduous design and execution, we guarantee the best water pressure and temperature so you can enjoy the relaxing experience of your dreams.

We offer our clients a variety of fountain designs, in accordance with your taste and your home's design.